If you can’t find the icon on your browser, follow the steps below. If the issue persists, please fill out a support ticket in which you mention the steps you’ve already taken.

1. Ensure that your browser is running the most recent software. Once you’ve verified that, try to reinstall the extension in your browser.

2. If the Vaulteq icon still doesn’t appear, see your browser's extension list and make sure that Vaulteq is present and enabled.

  • For Chrome, visit chrome://extensions
  • For Firefox, click the Menu Icon > Add-Ons > Extensions.
  • For Safari: click on Preferences > Extensions.

3. Still no luck? It is possible that Vaulteq is hidden. You can reveal it by following these steps:

  • For Chrome, it’s possible that Vaulteq is hidden behind the address bar. To check, bring your mouse or trackpad to the far end of the bar. Wait until the cursor changes into a double sided arrow. Then, drag the address bar to the left. This will reveal other extensions.
  • For Firefox, click on Menu Icon > Customize. There, you will find the Vaulteq Icon which you can drag and drop onto the toolbar.
  • For Safari: click the View > Customize Toolbar. There, you’ll find the Vaulteq icon which you can drag and drop onto your toolbar

4. If you’re still having trouble, you can temporarily disable all other add-ons and or extensions and give it a second try. It’s possible that one of them might be interfering with Vaulteq.

5. It’s possible that certain antivirus or other security software (especially those that are very aggressive) might be blocking the installation of Vaulteq. Ensure that Vaulteq has been marked as a “safe” or “trusted” source before trying to install it.

6. If it happens that the toolbar disappears, please make sure that a computer optimizer program (such as System Mechanic or CC Cleaner) is not deleting files. If you use System Mechanic, you can follow these directions to add Vaulteq as an exception.

7. If, after these steps, you still are facing issues, you may have to completely reinstall your browser and start fresh with only Vaulteq installed.