Security is our priority. We’ve chosen the technology for Vaulteq and the approach to service with the most robust security in mind. We believe that our service provides users with the best way to keep passwords safe in our world of increased cyber crime. At Vaulteq, we have security measures that are like no other on the password management market. Here are some details about how we keep your data safe”

  • The master password is the first step to security. We require a very strong master password which includes a variety of upper and lower case characters and numbers.
  • 2-factor authentication is standard for our service. With 2FA and device lockout, your data is always secure even if your password or device is lost or stolen.
  • We never store your master password anywhere on our servers. What’s more, we only decrypt your passwords on your own computer or device. In other words, the keys to your vault can never be taken from you and your encrypted information on our servers is useless to hackers.
  • We never collect or store a hint for your password. These hints often provide a weak point in a company’s security.
  • We never store authentication hashes to enable new devices. Each time your login to an account, you must enter a token.

We have also taken steps to secure and safeguard our own servers and infrastructure:

  • Our data is stored in certified, secure data centers in Europe (the Netherlands)
  • We conduct regular security audits for all of our products
  • We regularly inspect and investigate our servers for any trace of odd or suspicious activity. We also regularly scan our infrastructure for vulnerabilities.